In Defense of The Salafi Da'wah

         The Salafi Da'wah is not a call to implement a part of the belief or a part of Islaam. It is neither a social reformism nor is it a call to political partisanship. On the contrary, it is the call of Islaam, encompassing all what that the word "Islaam" carries of meanings of superiority, honor, reform, justice and success in this life and in the Life After. Islaam is the universal religion for the whole world. It is not a national religion and is not exclusively meant for only one nation or race. It is not a political or religious party. Islaam is the religion for the entire earth and all mankind. Therefore, the Salafi Da'wah is, likewise, not a call directed at a certain nation or race. It is the correct Manhaj (methodology, system, and path) and the best way to understanding Islaam and implementing it, as we have explained before. Therefore, the goals of the Salafi Da'wah are the same as the goals of Islaam.
The first goal of the Salafi Da'wah is to produce the trite Muslim. Islaam came to "produce" or "bring up" Muslims; If we may use these terms, either of which is correct. Allaah said to Mosses, what translated means, "1n order that you may be brought up under My Eye." [20:39]. Producing Muslim men and women is the responsibility of the Islaamic Da'wah as a whole. Islaam came to produce true and complete men, women and human beings. True Muslims, male or female, must satisfy the following conditions of Islaam: They must attest to the Taw'hid of Allaah, adhere to His Commandments, avoid His prohibitions and achieve Tazkiyat An- Nafs. These are the same goals and conditions that the Salafi Da'wah seeks to produce in Muslims and are the basis of the Salafi Da'wah.
When we say, "the true Muslim," we do not mean this distorted meaning that we see in many Muslims in the present time. We seek to produce true Muslims, the way we explained before. There are those who claim allegiance to Islaam while practicing Shirk in tongue and deed, alter and change Allaah's Words, refer to other than what Allaah has revealed for judgment, show enmity and despise and ridicule the Sunnah of the Prophet. We cannot call such people "true Muslims."
The first priority of the Salafi Da'wah is to educate and then produce true Muslims. This is a noble goal, indeed. The Prophet said to Ali bin Abi Talib, what translated means, "By Allaah! It is better for you that Allaah guides one man on your hand (to Islaam) than to own red camels (the most precious camels to Arabs)," [AI-Bukhari]. To guide one man, whether a master or a slave, rich or poor, weak or strong, to Islaam, is a great bounty and blessing and a noble deed, indeed. Allaah mildly criticized His Messenger because he did not give his undivided attention to Abdullaah ibn Umm Maktoum, who was blind. Instead, the Prophet gave his attention to a master of Quraysh whom he strove to convert to Islaam. The Messenger ignored this blind man who came to him seeking guidance. Allaah said in the Qur'aan, what translated means, "The Prophet) frowned and turned Because there come to him a blind man. But what could you tell that per chance he might become pure? Or that he might receive admonition and that the admonition might profit him (the blind man)" [80:14]. then. He said, " As for him who thinks himself self-sufficient To him you attend" [ 80:5-6]. meaning,  this honored man of Quraysh who thought that he does not need the Da'wah to Allaah, "Do you strive for his attention?" Then, Allaah said, 4 What does it matter to you if he will not become pure?" [80:7] meaning, "And what harm will come to you if this arrogant man did not seek Tazkiyah and follow Islaam?" Then Allaah said, "But as to him (the blind man) who came to you running and he is afraid (of Allaah) Of him you are neglectful and diverse your attention to another. " [80:8-10], meaning. 'Do not ignore this man who came to you with fear from Allaah and the desire to reach His Pleasure.
Therefore, the First priority of the Salafi Da'wah is the same as what Allaah has desired by the Islaamic Da'wah: to guide those whom Allaah leads to guidance and opens their hearts for Islaam, whoever and wherever they may be."

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